We are located at:

East Farleigh Pre-school

Old School Hall

Lower Road

East Farleigh

ME15 0JL

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07586 439 018


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Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday and Friday

9:15 to 12:15


9:15 to 14:45


9:15 to 14:45



Term Dates 2017/18

Term 1

04.09.17 - 20.10.17

Term 2*

30.10.17 - 20.12.17

Term 3

04.01.18 - 09.02.18

Term 4

19.02.18 - 29.03.18

Term 5*

16.04.18 - 25.05.18

Term 6*

04.06.18 - 24.07.18


* Please note

We are closed on the following days

Wed 20.12.17 (Inset Day)

Mon 07.05.18 (Bank Holiday) 

Tue 08.05.18 (Inset Day)

Thur 10.05.18 (Polling Day) 

Mon 23.07.18 (Inset Day)

Tue 24.07.18 (Inset Day) 




In May 2015 we were awarded an "OUTSTANDING" rating by Ofsted


A brief overview of the report is below, along with a link to the full report on the Ofsted website


"The quality of teaching is outstanding. Staff have an excellent understanding of the learning and development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. This means that children flourish and are highly motivated as they engage in a wide range of stimulating activities.


Staff give a high regard to children's safety and welfare. As a result, children demonstrate a remarkable understanding of their own safety.


The key-person system is extremely effective; all children's emotional needs are met very well. Children are confident and behave exceptionally well.


Staff have an exceptional knowledge of their safeguarding responsibilities, and the procedures to follow should they be concerned about a child's welfare.


Children develop their physical skills very well. They use bikes, a trampoline and stepping-stones skilfully. As a result, children develop extremely good balance and coordination. 


The leadership and management of the pre-school is very strong. There are robust self-evaluation procedures that reflect the views of staff, parents and children. Thorough staff supervision and regular training opportunities ensure staff's continuous professional development. This means children benefit from a high quality provision.”




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